What is Filanthropy*?

It's quite simple – the team organise brilliantly fun parties that cultivate collaboration for social change.

Three selected, inspirational social entrepreneurs share their stories and break down how they would spend £1,000.

Then between a crowd of creative curious hearts, the aim is to help each project reach that target.

There is an opportunity to ask questions, chat to the entrepreneurs and mix in some drinks and merriment with networking (or friend-making).

The beauty of crowdfunding is that whether you’re a student, investor, advertising guru, chef, clown, events producer or entrepreneur, you can contribute either funds or time in collaboration with others, amplifying your personal capacity to…well…kinda, sorta, a little bit, change the world.

There’s a £10 minimum donation to any one of the three projects.

We've raised over £20,000 since November 2013 for many deserving projects.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to be notified about our next event.

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